About Sha'arei Eliyahu

Sha'arei Eliyahu was founded in 2011 under the leadership of Rabbi Yosef Akilov. However the origins of the congregation began earlier in 2002 with annual communal gatherings designed specifically for the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. In 2004 the Rabbi started conducting weekly Shabbat services for the Youth in Beth Gavriel.

In addition to the weekly Shabbat Sermons, which are delivered both in the morning and afternoon, the congregation hosts a weekly Gemara shiur that is suitable to all ages, weekly parasha classes based off of the Sefer Zera Shimshon, as well as three daily written learning groups based primarily on the teachings of our Great Sephardi Sages: HaRav Ovadia Yosef, The Hida & The Ben Ish Hai. Additionally, the congregation recently started publishing a weekly paper titled "Table Talk" based off of Rabbi Akilov's shiurim.

Rabbi Yosef Akilov was born on September 8, 1980 to Eliyahu [Ilusha] and Yulia Akilov. He was born in Samarkand and immigrated to America in 1996. From a young age the Rabbi loved Torah and refused to learn at the Local High School and with his father's blessing he immediately enrolled to learn in a local Torah group.

He received his Shechita license in 1999 from Rav Eliyahu Ben-Chaim. In 2003 Rav Avrohom Wosner gave the Rabbi his license for Safrut. Finally, in 2004 Rabbi Yosef Akilov's Rav and Manhig, Rav Moshe Walkin, gave Semicha to Rabbi Yosef Akilov.

In 2000 the Rabbi married his wife Rebbitzen Natalie and together they lead not just our congregation but our community.

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